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Faster Mail-in Repair Shop in Brooklyn

  Tech Device Repair (TDR) can repair your device no matter where you are, even if you can’t bring it in. Tech Device Repair (TDR) offers a mail in repair service with a same day repair and return EXPRESS Postage anywhere in Brooklyn. Your repair will be completed within few days and you will receive it after we’ll get it straight in the mail on route back to you. More details please...

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Repair Water Damaged Mobile Phone or Devices

TDR (Tech Device Repair) can fix most water damaged phones and tablets in Brooklyn, they have specialized equipment that they use specifically to get your water damaged device working again. They keep a wide range of different parts for different devices on site and if by some chance they don’t have the part it’s usually a 2 day turnaround before they can get it in. TDR (Tech Device Repair) only uses the highest quality parts and all...

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Repair Shop in Brooklyn

After a long journey, hard work and perfectionism, Tech Device Repair has re-labeled and renewed their model for excellence. Tech Device Repair have partnered up and opened their first TDR franchise store location in Brooklyn, New York. Tech Device Repair Electronics repair shop in Brooklyn, NY is the first to hold the outstand name of the TDR brand. The shop has been in business for 10 years repairing Computers, Cell Phones,...

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