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How To Install Pokemon Go Android Canada

After Niantic Labs and Nintendo launched Pokémon Go in the United States few days ago, New Zealand and Australia, the companies stopped their rollout of the game globally to address major server problems. According towards the Wall Street Journal, corporations have began to solve those problems and hope to launch the game in Europe, Japan any other Asian countries in only a few days. But here is the step to install the Pokemon Go on your android phone if you live in Canada.

How To Install Pokemon Go Android Canada

How To Install Pokemon Go Android Canada

  1. Here is the download link of the APK file of Pokemon Go.
  2. Download that APK file above.
  3. Install it on your android device.
  4. You will see loading screen.
  5. Login via Google account.
  6. Start playing Pokemon Go.
  7. Open your GPS, it uses your location.

Pokémon Go was released in the aforementioned three countries on July 5 and originally, Niantic hoped to roll online game out into other regions that same week. Once recreation was live, however, people started complaining almost instantly about issues with the servers not loading, being locked from your their accounts and being forced to log into the multiple times during one play program. It was because of the game’s serious technical problems that Niantic decided to wait on releasing the sport globally, much to your chagrin of Pokémon trainers in multiple regions.

Niantic CEO John Hanke told Business Insider that through to the company felt satisfied with the technical associated with the game, players in other regions would unfortunately in order to wait. The delay has lead to an increase in Customers using side-loading APK files and iOS users making American accounts in order to download the overall game. Players are being warned to stay incorrect doing this, however, as recent APK files have been identified as malware.

There is currently no update on when players in South America and Canada will possess officially to get their hands on the sport.

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