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Tips From Semalt: How To Trigger Emotions In Audience To Enhance Conversions

For any e-commerce marketing strategy to work, you need an efficient way of triggering emotions in your target audience. It is the easiest method, which ensures that a person has the feeling to make a purchase, so this feeling is what converts visitor into customer.

Most online marketing campaigns today still aim at reaching as many consumers as possible through promotion. However, it is not always bringing you desired results. As a consequence, there is the waste of money on PPC or other ads, which won’t convert.

Julia Vashneva, the expert of Semalt Digital Services tells the ways how you can trigger emotions in potential customers.

First of all, it is important to understand how to incorporate emotional aspect. You do not want to be one of those bloggers whose content lacks an element of some emotional appeal. Any web content intended for commercial purposes should involve an element of emotions, which is critical for getting good CTR and sales rise with a marketing campaign. From research, it is amazing how much emotion can impact on businesses. Emotion is the key influencer in any marketing campaign. Emotions help individuals who are interested in finding the value of clicking your link and ultimately converting into a client.

Some of the ways to tap this potential may include:

  • Understanding the psychology of liking and sharing. A good technique, which content marketers can use, is starting by viewing themselves. Any online content which can make you like or share is already in your emotion. It can include things such as funny posts, motivating picture and so forth. Doing your research and analyzing yourself can be a useful method for determining some of the aspects that emotion can trigger over the internet. This technique can be helpful especially when promoting content.
  • Targeting the most powerful emotions. There are emotions, which have a higher tendency of triggering action than others. Some of these emotions include anger, joy or anxiety. When creating content for your site or e-commerce marketing plan, these emotions should be essential. Remember, user engagement, sharing and blacklining all make a website rank high on the SERPs. Due to this, one can cause the audience to agree with something, or even shock them to trigger some cause of action on your website.


For any e-commerce site, getting a steady flow of visitors who convert into customers is like a dream came true. Internet marketers employ methods such as SEO, SMM or even Content Marketing to make this achievement. However, these methods might need an aspect of emotional appeal to make a difference in the eyes of the audience, which is the heart of conversions.

Whether you are targeting businesses or people, your content should contain the element of life, that emotion which everyone seeks when making a purchase. As a result, your marketing campaign should include aspects which can attract the aesthetic feel and beauty of performing the call to action task you require from your niche. Many successful businesses have this aspect on most of their day to day activities, most of which include touching social media campaigns. The above guideline can help you incorporate emotion into your content marketing strategy and get some decent level of traffic converting.

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